World Forum Report


Hi everyone! My name is Adam Olsen and I’m the chief marketing officer at GO Love Life. I wanted to take just a moment to talk about something noteworthy that just happened in our young company’s history: We just held our first-ever international event. And it was awesome.

The GO Love Life World Forum in Las Vegas was everything we wanted it to be and more. We were hoping it would be an opportunity to gather with the world’s most passionate GO Love Life partners; we were hoping it would be a forum to share the vision of the future as we enter the Era of the Microbiome; we were hoping to share in a wonderful celebration—a family reunion of sorts—with the people we love most on this planet. And I’m happy to report all our hopes were met and exceeded.

The event began with a poolside welcome reception under the swaying palm trees and among the comfortable cabanas of the MGM Grand pool complex. It was an honor and a thrill to reconnect with so many old friends. It was also a privilege to meet some new ones. Events like these are where the bonds of lifelong friendships are forged, and it was a privilege to bond with so many at the welcome reception.

Day one featured a few different presentations from CEO and Founder Kelly Olsen and me. We kind of ping-ponged back and forth on and off the stage. It was a blast.

“Our purpose for the next two days is simple—build vision,” Kelly said. “Vision is the intangible driver inside each of us that gets the best from us. Vision is that sense of opportunity—that feeling of something great about to happen—that belief in our own future.”

The first thing Kelly did on stage was deliver a magnificent speech on the Era of the Microbiome and what it means to be a GO Love Life Member.

“The Era of the Microbiome addresses the center of health—the human gut microbiome. We were aware, of course, of the importance of gut health, but we discovered something so much deeper than we had imagined. Microbiome health is human health. The center of health, the center of physical health, the center of mental health, the center of anti-aging, the center of our immune system and so on, and so on.”

Then it was my opportunity to explain the purpose and meaning behind the three outstanding products that make up the Daily 3 System.

“The Daily 3 System is the most comprehensive gut microbiome regimen on the planet,” I said, “and it really is special. You could search the whole world over, but you simply won’t find anything else quite like Daily 3.”

I continued: “The Daily 3 System is one regimen with three products: Next Balance, Next Detox and PhytoPower. Daily 3 features 96 carefully chosen, complementary, organic ingredients. And Daily 3 is built around the things that are good for the gut: fermented foods, probiotics, prebiotics, polyphenols, digestive enzymes, color blends, whole foods, superfoods and adaptogens.”

It really is fun addressing a crowd full of friends and partners. I consider it a great treat, and I hope I continue to get the opportunity for years to come.

After a short break, I got the chance to speak about something near and dear to my heart: The GO Love Life Affiliate program. I was also able to introduce the Affiliate Plus position, which will take the place of what was formerly known as the “Member” title in our compensation plan. There is no better front end in our industry. GO Love Life pays 15 percent sales commissions on level one, and 25 percent on levels one and two. It really is astounding.

Then Kelly made a huge announcement: We’re getting a new product! After a fabulous discussion on the concept of the skin microbiome, Kelly unveiled the newest product in the GO Love Life family: Postbiotic Body Souffle.

The Postbiotic Body Souffle incorporates everything we know and love about skincare into the science and research behind microbiomes—and specifically the microbiome that exists on the skin. With postbiotic impact ingredients sourced from all over the world, Postbiotic Body Souffle is poised to revolutionize the concept of skincare. Strengthening and caring for the skin microbiome has amazing benefits for your overall health, and skincare is an important part of the Era of the Microbiome.

Day two was all about expansion and business building. Company President Shon Whitney started the day with a review of all we’ve accomplished as a company in just seven short months. With global distribution and a vendor and contractor network that numbers in the hundreds, GO Love Life is built for velocity, growth and expansion.

Shon then introduced the three regional presidents and co-founders of GO Love Life: Joy Yen, Bengt Emanuelsson, and David Garcia. Each regional president took time to explain the highlights of their regions, and they collectively explained just how GO Love Life was able to achieve record growth for all seven months of company existence. Suffice it to say, it’s because of our global Members and partners!

Cody Day, GO Love Life’s COO, talked about what it means to be a “change-maker,” and how the bold change-makers in our company are already taking full advantage of the opportunities of GO Love Life in over a dozen countries. Cody introduced two change-makers who are helping us build our business in Asia and Australia: Nina Sarungu and the newest member of the GO Love Life family, Sarah O’Shea!

“Expansion is in our DNA,” Cody said. “Now that we have officially launched, our attention turns to specific, targeted expansion. RIGHT NOW we have access to billions of microbiomes and over $50 Billion in sales. This is the opportunity of the markets where you can enroll members, and we can ship product and pay commissions right now.”

After Cody, we got to hear from Shon again who got the crowd excited for our Elite Trip to Dubai next year and announced our next reward trip: GO Xplore! Xcaret Leadership Event! After Shon, we heard from our Vice President of Global Marketing, Disraeli Rangel, who launched our newest marketing platform: GO Tools, an extension to your Flywheel Virtual Office. With this exciting new tool, our Members will be able to get our onboarding a training done, view and earn badges, have a beautiful digital library, and so much more. Disraeli concluded with the question, “can you visualize how GO Tools is going to revolutionize your business?”.

Finally, we were able to recognize the amazing work done by our global Members. We took the opportunity to formally recognize all of our Merchants, Builders, Leaders, Star Performers and Elite Performers, and thank them for their excellence and vision. You can view a full gallery of our recognition photos on our Facebook Page.

It really is amazing to think about all you’ve accomplished in just a short time. It fills my heart to overflowing.

Finally we partied with one final VIP dinner and a Cirque Du Soleil show to reward all the extraordinary efforts of our Leaders. It was the quintessential Las Vegas sendoff.

To all who joined us in Las Vegas, I want to personally thank you. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives. Thank you for making the sacrifice. It made me so happy to see so many dedicated people.

To those of you who wanted to be there but couldn’t, I totally understand. But trust me: You won’t want to miss our next event! There is simply no substitute for meeting in person. And there is no better way to expand your vision and see what you’re capable of.