Why I left retirement and started GO Love Life


If I’m being honest, I never thought I’d be here.

In my wildest dreams, I never thought I’d be starting a new company when I should be playing golf and enjoying retirement. I never pictured myself in this position. But life is nothing if not unpredictable, and here I am, working my tail off once again to build something new. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier. I’m working with my friends again, I’m energized by a new opportunity, and I find myself at the forefront of a brand-new era.

How I got here, though, is a wild story.

2018 and the surprise of a lifetime

My story starts in August 2018, in Tokyo Japan. After years of fighting to get our original Tahitian Noni brand and culture back on center stage, we held a convention in Tokyo that brought everyone back to the very best years of Morinda and Tahitian Noni International. It was truly like going home. We had done it; we united our entire worldwide organization again with the story of Tahitian Noni.

Fast forward four months. In December 2018, I hosted a large group of our leaders in Tahiti. It was the perfect conclusion to our year. The spirit was so good, and everyone looked forward to a year of unity and growth.

It didn’t happen.

Arriving home in the Salt Lake City airport after that trip, I received a text message to meet my partner at his home immediately. I went. I arrived at 9 am. It was there that I learned Morinda had been sold. I was an owner and partner, but the deal was done completely without my knowledge. I found out about it that morning.

I was in shock. The papers were prepared, and my partner put them in front of me with a pen and said, “sign them.”

One hour later I met the new CEO who had arranged the purchase of Morinda. Two hours after that, he gathered the managers of the company together to inform them. It all happened fast—like it had been rehearsed.

The dismantling of Morinda

Morinda wasn’t sold for TNJ, our amazing workforce, Tahitian Noni, or our culture—all the things we were so proud of.  It was sold to become a platform to sell CBD products. The new management couldn’t have cared less about all those other things.

When the CBD idea flamed out, they continued to aggressively pursue the route of acquisitions and mergers with other companies. You can see for yourself how that turned out. They took a profitable, united company—on the verge of a breakout year—and turned it into an unrecognizable mess. In just three years.

The deal called for me to remain employed by the company for three years as a figurehead to help with the transition. I had no role or responsibilities. I was there just to make people feel some continuity with the past. I hated every minute of it, but I felt I may be able to cushion the blow for our employees and distributors. The three-year agreement lasted less than 18 months: I was asked to depart in March, 2020.

Looking back, I wish I would have left sooner. That was the most miserable time of my professional life. I’ll never forget it. And one thing burned in my heart: I couldn’t just walk away and play golf the rest of my life. I had to take on a new project to get this bad taste out of my mouth.

A new path

My journey to GO Love Life started with a website I created to try and keep the memories and culture of Morinda and Tahitian Noni alive. As I sifted through the thousands of hours of video, and tens of thousands of photos, it became apparent to me that I wasn’t finished. I had more work to do.

By then I was talking regularly with Shon and Cody. We began really to look deep inside and determine what we were passionate about. We were passionate about noni, but we never ever considered creating a product to compete with TNJ. That would have been the worst idea we could have imagined.

Noni did, however, make us passionate about plants, and about miracles in nature. This passion ultimately led us to where we are today—at the forefront of a new growth industry. A new era.

The end of an era, and the beginning of another

1996 to 2018 was the era of Super Fruit Juices. Noni, açaí, goji, mangosteen, fucoidan, gac, durian, pomegranate—so many huge companies were built around these exotic ingredients during that era.

And there was a vast awakening to the miracles in nature during that time. The superfruit era created a surge of scientific research, financial success, and global awareness of the critical importance of these amazing natural discoveries. This was an era of 25 years of unbelievable growth and success.

Inevitably, the era has come to an end. Superfruits have become generic, and the market has steadily declined.

Additionally, the era of superfruit opportunity is over. All those companies that launched and operated so successfully during that era are either declining rapidly or are out of business altogether.

But knowledge and research didn’t disappear or decline. Rather, the science behind superfruits started opening doors. It led to natural questions about how to focus that knowledge to lead us to the new era of fantastic opportunity.

The new era I’m referring to is the era of the microbiome.

The era of the microbiome is just beginning, and it will be bigger than the superfruit era. More people will be helped, more people will become wealthy, more business will begin in this era.

The era of the microbiome is all about addressing the center of health. The one thing that everyone needs to take care of every day. When you take the time to learn of the importance of your body’s microbiome, you will realize this is one thing you simply cannot ignore. No company has made this their focus, until now.

There is an avalanche of new scientific research on the critical importance of the body’s microbiome.  Every system and cell of the body is impacted by this community of biotic organisms that live in and on our bodies. Every health condition has its roots in the health of our microbiome.

GO Love Life and the microbiome opportunity  

As you get to know us, you will learn more about microbiome health. You will learn more about your body than you ever knew. You will realize that the era of the superfruit led to this much larger message. The era of the superfruit led to the era of the Microbiome.

We created GO Love Life to be focused and straightforward. The message is simple and powerful: our products come from our passion for the miracles of nature. All of them are natural, organic, clean and pure, with 96 different ingredients that work harmoniously to strengthen, nourish and balance the gut microbiome. We populate, feed and strengthen the good life-giving bacteria, and purge the bad.

The compensation plan is simple and powerful and generous; we will teach you how to get to the very top.

After four months we have paid out over $1 million. In May, our biggest check was over $30,000. We already have three leaders who have made more than $100,000.

Our plan is generous to people who are just starting, generous to people who are building, and generous to people who have reached the top.

This is the moment 

This is your chance to be part of this new era, at the very beginning. It is so easy to become an affiliate. So easy to become a Member, so easy to begin to build an organization to get on the path to reach the top.

Many companies are scrambling just to hold on, while they try to calm impatient entrepreneurs who sense that a new era is beginning and want to be part of it. These companies can sense their groups unraveling because they did not anticipate the beginning of this new era. We did.

This is the moment that the next generation of great leaders, mentors and entrepreneurs will be born, and it will shape the next several decades of success.

Standing on that stage in Tokyo, I never thought I’d be where I am today. But now that I’m here, I know that everything worked out for the best. I couldn’t be more energized or excited about GO Love Life.

GO Love Life was created to be the vehicle to propel you into this amazing new growth era.

5 thoughts on “Why I left retirement and started GO Love Life

  1. Kelly, thank you so much for sharing the reason why you were not with Morinda in the past few years. We started in 1997, one year after the birth of Morinda and was there throughout the many years remaining committed and loyal. We know the many hours of flight time alone around the world that you invested to build Morinda and are terribly disturbed by the treatment meted out to you. We have developed numerous skills as a result of your training and expertise in marketing and managing a global company. We absolutely love you Kelly and the first class products and numerous trips are memories we hold dearly. Thank you for being on the cutting edge of a new Era and for creating an even better opportunity for us. The golovelife products are amazing and great testimonies are being shared on the power of the Daily 3. By the time our competitors hit the new Era golovelife will
    be driving them crazy.

  2. Thx u Mr Olson for sharing this inspiring store of why u came out of retirement to start this new era of awareness in the natural products of golovelife. The two drinks are absolutely delicious an I feel great 78yrs old feels good again. My wife an I are affiliates. Hate the way u were. Treated tho.

  3. Thank you Kelly for your story. I look back on my years with TNI and Morinda with great fondness. Those were the best years of my life in network marketing. Often my former distributors asked what happened to Morinda, why the founders left them. I didn’t know what to answer them. Today I received a reply in this message from you.

    The microbiome industry is really a huge new trend. I researched this topic even before I found out about GO Love Life. I bought probiotics and vitamins for the intestines, but there was no result. When I found out that you created a new company, I did not hesitate for a second. I immediately understood “This is my company!”

    GO Love Life products really work for my microbiome! I use the GO Love Life Daily 3 System, and love the taste of the GO Love Life products and how easy they are to use. My digestion is working like clockwork. I am also full of energy during the day, less stressed and sleeping well.

    I was on a big break in business, so I started my GO Love Life business from scratch. Now, 4 months later, I see how ingeniously the GO Love Life compensation plan works. I see a huge number of satisfied customers and millionaires in the future. Kelly God bless you on this glorious journey!

  4. 申健飞是一位知识渊博敏锐而有远见的奇才,能让一位退休的中西医结合的消化科医生再出山为民众讲前沿的科研结果,最新的产品这是何等的能量.

  5. Kelly, I am so glad that you had the the vision, I believe God gave to you, to return out of retirement and build Go love life. I joined Go love life a short time ago when the company pre launched in February 2022. I love taking the daily three products and they have really made a profound difference in my life. I am now 77 years old, with renewed energy, sleeping much better without getting up several times at night to visit the bathroom and my joints don’t hurt me anymore, for which I am so thankful.. The go love life products are a blessing to me

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