The Power of 3: Part 3


Simplicity creates velocity; velocity creates income.

Train your mind to think in the most simple and elegant way. GO Love Life is perfectly simple. We created this company to eliminate all complications, all smoke and all mirrors.

This the third and final message dedicated to the elegant simplicity of GO Love Life.

The first in this series celebrated 1 message: the Power of One—our simple but powerful message that will revolutionize the way everyone thinks about their health and longevity.

The second focused on 2 qualification items: packs and legs.

This third and final message will discuss 3 titles we consider “landing sites” for you and your business.

As you look at our plan graphic you will notice there are six position titles:

  • Member
  • Merchant
  • Builder
  • Leader
  • Star Performer
  • Elite Performer

We encourage you to divide these titles in half: Three are designed as landing sites, and three are stepping stones.

We designed our plan to put significant increased income rewards at the Merchant, Leader and Elite Performer positions. These are your landing-site titles.


Your first landing site is Merchant. This is where you should guide every newly enrolled team member. Merchants receive the full benefit of our maximized front end: 25% (15% on level one, and 10% on level two). It takes three legs and eight packs to achieve Merchant.

The Member position is a stepping stone to Merchant.


Your second landing site is Leader. At the Leader position, two major things happen:

  1. You qualify for a Leadership Bonus which dramatically increases your sixth-level income.
  2. You qualify for a share of the Dynamic Compression Bonus. This is like owning a share of our entire global business.

The Leader title should be the aspiration of every Merchant on your team.

Use the Builder position as a milestone, and also as a stepping stone to Leader. Builders begin to receive commissions on their sixth level, so it is a natural step to Leader.


Your final landing site is Elite Performer. At the Elite Performer position, you have access to the maximum rewards in our plan. This does not mean that once you reach Elite, your income is capped. Actually, the opposite is true. Our plan is designed to load the rewards on your sixth level, and Elites earn 15% on all sixth-level volume. Also, our Dynamic Compression Bonus pool will grow continuously. Elites qualify for the greatest share of this pool.

The Star Performer position in our plan should act as a stepping stone on your journey to Elite Performer.


To sum up, there are three rewards to focus on in our plan:

  1. Merchant rewards: 25% maximized front end (levels one and two)
  2. Leader rewards: Level six commissions and bonus
  3. Elite Performer rewards: Dynamic Compression Bonus.

New GO Love Life Affiliates should aspire to be Merchants. Merchants should keep their eyes on the Leader position, and Leaders should have a goal to become Elite Performers, where the entire income potential of our compensation plan is available.

Everyone moves at a different pace. Our role as team leaders is simply to teach the right activity, the right goals and the right mindset, so everyone can maximize their effort.

GO Love Life is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. One powerful message: The Power of One.
  2. Two areas of emphasis: packs and legs. Activity that unifies all activity and prevents wasted time and energy.
  3. Three landing-site titles: Merchant, Leader and Elite Performer. Member, Builder and Star Performer are the stepping stones to these titles.

I love GO Love Life!!  We built this company the way you would.

Best wishes for success.


2 thoughts on “The Power of 3: Part 3

  1. I Think GoLoveLife is the company that I’ve been searching for since coming into the industry back in 1997. To become Financially Free for taking care of your health and helping change peoples lives. It’s a Dream Come True

  2. I am blessed to have been invited to a GoLoveLife presentation, I am new to GoLoveLife but I am not new to network marketing. The 3 simple system has been wonderful and an amazing health factor for me. I am a Type 2 diabetic since taking the Daily 3 my blood sugar has been lowered, I was taken off cholesterol medication and Vitamin D-3. I had COVID19 in February of 2020 and was suffering from heart palpitations on a daily basis but they have significantly decreased since taking the products. I want to thank you for this wonderful products that have definitely improved my health and well-being, but also this amazing chance to change my lifestyle, increase my future by enhancing my family inheritance and prosperity! I made Merchant in less than 2 months and with your above advice I am working towards Leader with a definite determination to be an Elite Performer. Thank you so very much and God’s blessing to each and everyone of you.

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