Simplicity creates velocity; velocity creates income.


Hello everyone.

Simplicity creates velocity; velocity creates income.

Train your mind to think in the most simple and elegant way. GO Love Life is perfectly simple. We created this company to eliminate all complications, all smoke, and all mirrors.

This the first of three messages dedicated to the elegant simplicity of GO Love Life. The first message celebrates the number 1. The second one will celebrate the number 2 and the third will celebrate the number 3. 1-2-3. Simple.

You can be confident that everyone, just like you, is looking for the best and most effective way to achieve their best health and appearance. Everyone, just like you, shies away from complicated information and expensive solutions.

Our message is simple. There is one thing that you can do every day to achieve optimal health.

One thing.

We refer to your body’s center of health: your gut microbiome. That may be a new word to you, or to those you talk to. It’s an easy concept: a microbiome is a community of microbes. Sometimes you may have heard the word “flora” to describe these microbes.

Our gut houses a complex environment of microbes that literally impact every system and cell of the body. Sometimes, our gut microbiome is referred to as the body’s “center of health;” sometimes it is referred to as our second brain.

You may have never imagined that the secret to your mental health, physical health and even your appearance lies within your gut. It does!

This is the one thing we are obsessed with. Microbiome health means mental health, physical health, beauty and lifestyle. Our discovery of this simple truth drove us to create the Daily 3 System: a three-product system that is really a single “product.”

Daily 3 was conceived as the ultimate regimen to balance, strengthen and nourish your microbiome. 96 unique ingredients, each with their own story, were combined into a system that takes two minutes to consume each day.

Start your day with Daily 3 and you will be doing the one thing that will have the greatest impact on every system and cell in your body.

This is how I discovered the Power of One: I did a cupboard audit. I opened my pantry doors and brought every supplement, every tea, every protein mix, every smoothie mix, every herb, mineral, vitamin and every meal replacement out of the cupboard and onto my counter.

Then I added up the cost. I noticed there were more than a few bottles, pouches, canisters of products that hadn’t even been used! The cost shocked me, the number shocked me, the complexity discouraged me.  How can anyone navigate through all these products, messages and regimens? Impossible.

I’m inviting you to do this at your home. Bring them out, add them up. As you do this, you will begin to love The Power of One! The value of Daily 3, the compelling benefits of Daily 3, and the simplicity of Daily 3—all of these things create velocity in our business.

Imagine if we can teach everyone how vital their microbiome health is. Everyone is a customer. Everyone benefits. This is a business we can all love.

Optimal Health is the beginning of GO Love Life.


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