Leader Highlight: Valencia Pamphile


I met Valencia in 2006 when she joined Tahitian Noni International (TNI). To say I was impressed is a huge understatement. Early after our first meeting, my wife Arlene and I had dinner with Valencia and her partner. This is what I remember of that dinner.

Usually in that kind of environment, I would be used to answering questions and sharing my opinion of our company and future. I was the President, after all. But that evening, I felt like a student. I was the one asking questions and taking notes. Valencia was rare; I knew that immediately.

Valencia was born and raised in the public housing units of Brooklyn, NY, known as “the projects.” Valencia came from humble beginnings, but never felt poor. Despite early financial hardship, Valencia learned work ethic from her educator mother and entrepreneur father. She entered professional life as a banker for J.P. Morgan on Wall Street.

After being exposed to direct sales/network marketing, by some millionaire mentors, Valencia decided to begin her successful entrepreneurial career, ultimately reaching the top positions of three different companies. She has earned millions of dollars of income as she and her partner built one of TNI’s most successful groups, the “Making a Difference” Team, or MAD Team. She has consistently been recognized as a top money earner in the direct sales industry, featured in national entrepreneurial publications and profiled by best-selling author Steven Covey, in his “7 Habits of Highly Successful Network Marketing Professionals.”

Valencia was named “Founder/Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Women World Awards organization. As a way of sharing her abundance, Valencia and her business partner organized a non-profit program for youth ages 13-18, called Junior MAD Team, to help youth discover their talents in entrepreneurship.

To me, Valencia is a mentor and friend. She was one of the very first who saw the opportunity at GO Love Life and took the famous leap of faith. To date, she has the highest cumulative earnings in GO Love Life. Through four months, she has made over $115,000, and will become one of our first millionaires.

Reading the stories of our top leaders, there is a common thread that ties them all together: They followed their instinct toward opportunity. They didn’t allow their comfort zones to hold them back. They all realize that work ethic, combined with belief, are a powerful combination.

Think of the little girl growing up in the projects of Brooklyn, who eventually became a giant in our industry with a global following.  How does that image help you clarify your own vision of your own life? How does it help you consider vast possibilities for yourself?

The cool thing about Valencia is that she is so motivated to help others see and do and receive what she has. Very cool.

I’m grateful to know people like V.


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