Leader Highlight: Alf Ringdal & Inger Falkevik


Alf Ringal and Inger Falkevik are dear friends of my wife, Arlene and I.  One of the great benefits of our kind of business is the opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the world, that ordinarily would never cross your path.  I’ve known Alf and Inger for 20 years or more.  In that time, you create amazing bonds and shared experiences.  You begin to feel like family.  I asked them to share a bit of their story because our lives where so closely tied together for so long.  I wanted to get their perspective and share that with you. Here are some very inspiring words from my good friends from Lillestrom, Norway: Alf Ringdal and Inger Falkevik.

In February we left the company that had been a part of our life since 1997. 

It had given us a lot during these years of travels around the world and friends in many countries. And for that we are grateful.

Things changed when new owners came in and took over. 

In the beginning the future looks good, but after a while we noticed that what we were told was not what we got. 

People we had been working with for many years disappeared and products we loved were taken away without notice. 

We tried for a long time to communicate with the corporate leaders, but nothing happened.

We also tried to hold the spirit up in our team and be positive, but it became more and more difficult to keep the faith. 

In January, it became clear that all the talk would never amount to anything and promises would be ignored.

When Kelly contacted us to tell us about GO Love Life in January, it did not take a long time to decide to be a part of GO Love Life. 

Inger had decided even before the meeting to join Kelly. As she said; “enough is enough, with the other company!”

And that is the best thing that has happened to us for many years. 

We contacted some of our partners who we knew had the same feeling for the previous company to tell them what we had decided to do, and the answer was YES, we will follow you, without hesitation. 

In February and March almost 400 packs of Daily 3 were sold without having the product in hand, just by enthusiasm and faith in Kelly, Shon and the rest of the Founders. When people started receiving and using the products we soon found out how amazing the Daily 3 was. 

It feels so good to be back working with people we had known for nearly 25 years people we trust. 

We are so honored to be a part of the Founders Team in GO Love Life.

The future looks bright, and finally we feel the joy of working again.  

And why shouldn’t we, our team feel the same excitement and gratitude  as we do. 

It can’t be better than that. We are home again. 

Inger & Alf

We all know how hard it is to make a change, especially to leave something that you once loved and was such an important part of your life. Alf and Inger had the foresight to follow their hearts and minds. Not easy, but their leadership has created new hope and optimism for many, many people in Scandinavia, and throughout Europe.

When they came onboard, we were not ready for them. We were not planning to enter the European market yet. But they made a commitment to GO Love Life and we made a commitment back to them. This is how business should be conducted. For weeks and weeks, they were building without products. Many of their leaders achieved Merchant and Builder titles with no product at all! Belief, trust, vision and commitment were the reason for their success.

Despite those obstacles, they built their organization and today have the company’s 4th largest income. Their partners are dynamic and united.

The key to me is simply this: they saw an opportunity, and rather than stay comfortably in their comfort zone, they jumped into the future. Their leap of faith is being rewarded, and will continue to be rewarded.  They will become a Millionaire with GO Love Life so much sooner than even when they were with their former company. But better than that, they will help dozens and dozens realize their health and financial goals as well.

Follow the example of Alf and Inger, our amazing leadership team in Norway, get out of your comfort zone, allow yourself to believe and then follow that belief.


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  1. Alf and Inger, you are absolutely the best people! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to know that you have joined the Go Love Life family. We benefit from you enthusiasm and leadership. It is a true pleasure knowing you and visiting you in Norway. We had so much fun. We just always pick up where we leave off, right?!
    Love you,

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