Announcing the GO Love Life World Forum

In a matter of a few days, the key leaders of GO Love Life will gather in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel for our first ever:

GO Love Life World Forum!

There is one primary objective of our World Forum: to build vision. From our experience, we know how important vision is—personal vision and company vision. In truth, we cannot grow beyond our own vision.

Vision is a combination of confidence, belief, personal experiences and testimonials that all lead to a keen understanding of what our future will be like. Vision helps us understand trends. Vision helps us maintain our energy to pursue our dreams. Vision is spread to everyone we know. All our verbal and non-verbal communication originates from our vision.

At our World Forum, we will formally launch: The Era of the Microbiome.

Our entire event will be dedicated to helping each attendee to understand the scope of this incredible opportunity. We will help everyone fully understand the trend markers in science, business and consumer demand that will make this new era of nutritional health a mammoth opportunity.

At the GO Love Life World Forum, we will lay out for our leaders our plans for the coming year. We will build your vision, and from this World Forum experience, you will return home with a greater understanding of the opportunity that is in our future.

The GO Love Life World Forum will be set in a luxury, comfortable and intimate environment. It will be a unique experience. You will come into this event with high energy and expectations, and you will leave with greater vision and a greater capacity for achievement. Your goals will be easier to attain. This will be a landmark experience for all who attend.

We will welcome you on September 7 and for a very short few days, we will expand our vision. We look forward to welcoming our leaders there.

Registration for the GO Love Life World Forum ends August 20, but benefits earned will be honored through the end of August.

Register for the GO Love Life World Forum by visiting our event page or call us at 1-800-550-7741.

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