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Life Lover, Nurse, Travel Addict & 
Go Love Life Founder, Jessica Kessler

The founder, Jessica May, has worked in the pro-life movement for many years seeing it develop in countries around the world. Upon returning back to California and working with local youth, she realized they were unaware and uninterested of the issues of abortion. Her goal became to help make the issues more understandable and inspire the kids to share them with confidence.  Along with a group of talented young people from all walks of life; the logo, the name, and purpose to share a pro-life message came to being. 

While working as a pediatric intensive care nurse, Jessica, kept seeing a trend of youth committing suicide. After researching, it was brought to attention that suicide is the second leading cause of death after accidents in ages 14-24 and third cause of death in all young people. These numbers are staggering. How sad to realize young kids choosing to end their lives, their beautiful and created lives. She then realized that if society can not value their own lives how then can it value those around them? This culture of death didn't stop at abortion but continued into the born society. 

Working in healthcare and knowing what it means to heal and not harm; to help and not hurt,  it seemed crazy that assisted suicide is gaining popularity throughout the states. It started with taking the the lives of children in the womb and is growing to take the lives of those outside. Once again the dots were connecting to see a complete disregard for human life in every age. All life is sacred and should be viewed as so. 

From there Go Love Life turned into an All Life organization. All the projects at Go Love Life work to combat a different battle against human life and aim to inspire and promote a true love for life in all its fun, interesting, crazy stages. 



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