Walk For Life San Francisco

Now that I have a moment to reflect back on our adventure of taking a group up to San Francisco for the Walk for Life, I get excited thinking this generation is pro-life. We are pro-life in a way the one before us can’t understand, not really. The repercussions of a descion made before our time have such a large cultural impact that 1/3 of us are missing and it hurts.

 This year over 50,000 people showed up to walk in San Francisco. I don’t know if you know much about this city, but it is liberal to say the least. I am known to refer to it as one of the most beautiful cities in the world but with no love for Christ. But not that weekend,  that weekend thousands stood together to radiate a love for life, a life bought for by the life of Christ. It was so moving to see so many young people show up and demonstrate that this issue will not go away until abortion does.

 Backing up a day of our trip, the group saw a glance at the deep troubles and misinformation of the other side. The day prior to the walk in SF we took a group to Oakland to participate in activism at an abortion clinic and participate in Walter Hoyes walk for life in Oakland. As we said prayers for the babies being lost, the mothers bought into the lies,  the clinic workers participating in this murderous act, and everyone one involved in this industry; the clinic escorts began to get very upset. We continued with worship and displayed large boards of babies in the womb at their different gestations and all the way to the toddlers, children and a grandma at a 4,000 weeks old. Some girls in our group wrote chalk on the ground with phrases about life being precious and a God’s gift. The workers of the clinic poured water on the words God and life and said that we were threatening them by writing in front of the clinic. They said angry words and told the kids they had no idea what they were talking about because so many kids are in foster care. I asked “if that justified killing babies” and she responded “kill them all”. Whether she meant that sarcastically or not I hardly think that joking about the death of children is appropriate in any situation. They accused me of knowing nothing about the development in the womb where I went to remind her I am a registered nurse and I work to save lives and provide real healthcare. Really they have no basis for their arguments for any of the conversations we had they just changed he focus instead of breaking down the issue.  If they care so much about women they could be revolutionizing the foster system or some other way to help mothers in their community instead of working for an organization that provides a way for mothers to kill their children and suffer the consequences of abortion on their mind and soul. Although the sign says clinic, I can assure you that abortion is not healthcare.

Immediately following we went to the Oakland Walk, where we were met by about 30 pro choice activist who were very loud and angry. Kaitlyn, a girl in our group, is working on a pro-life perspectives film and went over to talk to them. When they said it was a blob of tissue or just a fetus she would respond  “I was told in anatomy that their heart beats at 22 days and they can have a different blood type,”Instead of presenting their side logically they would get upset and walk away. Once again, no basis for their argument. They went on to storm the stage of our rally and the police had to escort them off. It is hard to imagine being so bought into the mindset of abortion.  I am not sure if many of them were involved in an abortion and this is their way of dealing with it or justifying it, but storming the stage and providing no argument for your cause are not helping your case. In our society parents, doctors, teachers often pressure and arrange these abortions. We know this and we are not here to show judgement but to show life and promote life.  We want to change this system so that everyone one promotes and celebrates everyones beautiful life, even yours stage stormer.

All I know from the 5 years I have been involved in this movement,  it grows every year and a love for life is stronger than the convent lie that killing your child will give you a better life. The nation is waking up and seeing the reality of abortion and that is encouraging. Now I am going to post some quotes from some of the amazing people in our group who went on this trip with us.

Kaitlyn “The walk for life was such a great experience. Having so many people all there for the unborn babies really gave me hope that we can save the lives of innocent children!” Also “Writing in chalk on the sidewalk in front of the clinic and saying how much God loves us and so many encouraging and loving words was fun.  It was sad to see the clinic workers so hurt and offended by the words they read that they felt the need to wash them away”

Ron “With all the tension at the Oakland Rally with the Pro Choice protesters, and all the energy of thousands of people at the San Francisco Rally.  Still the most significant and emotional part of our trip was standing in front of the abortion clinic in Oakland. It wasn’t the hatred that people had towards us. It was the lost people who had been lied to, who had been sold a bill of goods based on ignorance and lies. I wish I could have sat them down and told them about the guilt and regret they would feel and the sadness and shame that would haunt them the rest of their life’s.  Someday God will give me that opportunity but for now I pray!!”