Three Simple Words

One of the things that really intrigued me about this organization was the name. Just three simple words that we use quite often, but together, carry such an heir of importance.

Go. Love. Life.

It’s not just a name, or a title. It’s a command, a call to action. Go and Love are verbs.

So what are the life lovers doing? What is the GO in our love life journey? What is the LOVE in our daily walk?

Many of us call ourselves lovers of life, and of all that goes with it. But how can we start to make a daily impact? How can we set ourselves apart and create a new awareness for our brothers and sisters who don’t have that opportunity?

Generate Awareness. Get a “Go Love Life” bumper sticker. Ok, I know you either laughed or rolled your eyes… But seriously, how often do we find ourselves bragging or showing off about something we love on the back of our car? I can’t tell you how many bumper stickers I’ve seen spouting phrases like “My dog is smarter than your honor student” or “My child is an outstanding student at Pedro’s Tacos.” Shouldn’t we feel the same way about loving life? This may sound simple, and even a little silly, but perhaps that is the best part. Not only will people see that you do, in fact, love life, but it may spark conversations, deeper thinking and perhaps the occasional google search of “Go Love Life.”

Integrate Kindness. Start implementing being a life lover into your daily schedule. Pray for the unborn. Pray for expectant mothers. Pray for wisdom and a good moral sense for our doctors. Pray for the elderly. Pray for those going through depression, anxiety and situations that may be out of their control. Pray for those who need a second chance. Offer to pray for someone you meet. Be kind. Smile at children. Say Good Morning to the elderly. The options are limitless, and it can be as simple as just those words. Even the simplest action can change someone’s entire day.

Get Involved. Spend a day at the Boys and Girls Club. Donate your extra clothing items. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Visit the elderly at a nursing home. Talk to your church. Find a pro-life rally. Make a statement and stand up for what you believe in.

Give Freely. Let us know how you celebrate life on a daily basis.