Thankful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone and December is here. I am one of those weird people who credits Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday. I love the food, family time, and idea of thankfulness. I have so much to be thankful for this year. God has brought the most amazing people into Go Love Life such as Naomi our chief life lover and Tyler our lawyer. I am so thankful to everyone who helps and supports us as well as the massive army of other pro lifers doing their work out there.

I am most thankful for the gift of life. I know God has created and purposed me as he has for every single individual. It is so amazing to live everyday and experience new things. I really just want to encourage everyone to love life and be thankful for life this season. Millions have their lives taken before birth, millions take their own lives, and millions lose their lives. There is no greater gift than life. I am so blessed to work in this movement to help inspire life back into this culture and encourage people to know they were created on purpose. Happy belated Thanksgiving and stay tuned for Naomi’s awesome article later this week on showing love to others. Now GO LOVE LIFE.