Our future

This letter was written by dear little friend of mine named Kristina who is 11 years old. She understands the simple truth of life. Kids have such an untainted view of life. Enjoy!

Dear Pope Francis,

Hi I am Kristina! I agree with you on all of your speeches about helping those who can’t

always help themselves, especially the unborn children. I think this is not okay because these

children in their mothers womb are alive. To stop this problem my family and I do many

things, such as: this summer we went to the For the Life of the World. Iccec international prolife

conference. We visited Planned Parenthood where they have doctors that abort babies.We

prayed outside of the of the building for all the moms, dads, and unborn babies, and for all the workers.

We prayed for God to change their hearts, and to want to keep their babies. We also go to the

walk for life every year in San Francisco. At the Walk for Life we march and say chants. My

family thinks that doing this might change Obama’s mind about the law he made. I will

countine praying for all those who need help in life.


Kristina House