Our friends, children, students, etc are killing themselves...

Who has heard the statistic: “For youth between the ages of 10 and 24, suicide is the third leading cause of death” from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Does this number shock you? It should.  We hear so much about child diseases, autism, accidents, ect when it comes to health issues in young kids. Daily we see campaigning to quiet smoking, sponsor healthy lunches, rescue animals but when was the last time you heard about the issue of suicide.  Being a top third cause of death for young adults and a top ten for all age groups , you would think it would be at least in the top five campaigns. Kids, teens, and young adults are killing themselves. What is going on?   Why don’t we talk about it?  I by no means am discounting the other topics mentioned above, but I am stunned that suicide is not more in the spotlight when the statistics are this bad. Need I repeat: our daughters/brother/friends/classmates are killing themselves. They have given up on life, on the beauty of their creation.

This week alone working in pediatrics as a nurse, I saw two beautiful girls in their mid teens with failed suicide attempts. Unlike many of their piers, they survived (60 pills later for one girl).  They have a second chance at life. Following these suicide attempts the hospital was unable to find placement for therapy at local centers for many days because the centers were all full. The problem is so large that our treatment centers are maxed out.  I see so many of these cases at work and my heart breaks that they have to hope and no sense of place in this world.

Now many factors play into these decisions such as underlying depression, bad environments, abuse, ect and there is no quick fix. However, isn’t there something more we can do? It could be as simple as telling the people in your life that they were created by a loving God for a purpose and have amazing talents to offer to the world. Make sure you know your own value and purpose to help inspire others. There is no one like you and the probability of you existing is a miracle: fact. As far as suicide, we need to help and at the very least we need to talk about it more. It should be nationally campaigned and a priority to everyone. You have one life… one created, unique life of possibility. Put down your phone and look at the people around you. Don’t have relationships only via technology but open up to interaction. Now think about this, let it resonate, and do something about it. Do not let life slip away from the ones we love. Look forward to suicide awareness here and now GO LOVE