Holiday Happiness

The holiday season is an incredible time to count your blessings and appreciate all of the wonderful people in your life. At GOLOVELife we want to spread joy and support the people around us, so they all know how special and significant they are. We’ve been talking about suicide awareness lately, which is a very important and heavy subject that can make us feel discouraged, but what we can do is love each other. So here are 9 ways that all of us can spread some love :]

  1. Smile! This one is so simple, but so often overlooked. We don’t need to stare at our phones and avoid eye contact in every social situation, try smiling at your cashier at the grocery store or anyone who looks like they’re having a bad day. It makes a much bigger difference than you would think.
  2. Text or Call someone that you’re thinking about. There have been countless times when I’ve gotten a random text from an old friend right when I needed it. If someone is on your mind, just tell them that you’re thinking of them and hope they’re doing well. Texting is super easy and quick, and you just might make somebody’s day.
  3. Compliment the people around you. Tell friends/family/strangers/neighbors/acquaintances when they look nice or did something well. Humans crave affirmation, and compliments help build confidence. Start by trying to compliment others at least eight times and it’ll help to make this habit ingrained into your daily life.
  4. Buy small gifts. I love this one because I’m personally a gift giver. Gifting is one of the “Five Love Languages” mentioned in the book by Gary Chapman (I honestly haven’t read this book myself, but I’ve heard it’s great.) Gifts don’t need to be extravagant or expensive to have a big impact on somebody’s life

For example: my extended family members will search for my favorite limited edition cranberry soda during the holiday season and stock up on it because my grocery store rarely carries it. Presents like this are especially great because they’re so thoughtful and make the receiver of the gift feel appreciated and listened to.


  1. Be a hugger. Hug your friends! Human touch makes a person feel more connected to others and less alone. Hugging more is linked to lower blood pressure and is a natural way to relieve stress.
  2. Spend time with someone. Put in the time! Go to lunch with a friend or have a board game night or go for late night happy hour somewhere. Hanging out is fun and we all know you probably aren’t as busy as you pretend to be :]. Don’t just talk about it, find an hour in your schedule and make it happen.
  3. Listen. Really listen to somebody. Don’t just wait for your turn to talk. Deeply listen and empathize to what’s going on in their life. You might not even need to do more than that at all. Sometimes people just need to vent and know there’s someone out there that cares.
  4. Do something inconvenient for someone. When is a good time to drive someone to the airport? Absolutely never! It’s not fun, there’s traffic, shuttle buses are always out to murder civilian cars, you normally have to wake up at the crack of dawn, and for half of the drive you’ll be alone. It sucks. It’s the absolute worst. So is helping someone move, editing a paper, doing the dishes, going to a dr appointment with a nervous friend, or watching ANOTHER episode of a tv show that you don’t enjoy. Do it anyway. Do it without expecting them to reciprocate the inconvenience. Be unselfish and sacrifice and compromise to show your love.
  5. Pick up a hobby that they like. Care about what they care about or at least try to. You might end up really enjoying something that you never would have tried on your own. Have an open mind, and even if you end up hating it then it’ll probably make a funny story.

These are a few ways to make people feel loved, but definitely don’t limit yourself to just this list. Everybody has their own love language and their own way to make others feel special and wanted. Make a difference this season, Life Lovers! Always remember that life is a gift :]