2014 for Go Love Life

All right Life Lovers lets kick off this blog with a small recap over the last year. It has been about a year since the website and literature have been available. I cannot believe time has passed so quickly. Throughout this year, we have had emails from people all over the country who have used Go Love Life tools to give out at clinics, to friends, and at events. We are so blessed to share these resources and have many new ones in the works. Both the logo and name are currently processing for trademark with the blessings of Tyler Andrews a lawyer who believes in this vision and is helping with the legality of Go Love Life. A local high school student (Monica) chose to work with us for her senior project where she created a pro-life video that was shown to her whole school and even inspired staff to work with us in the future. The video will be available online soon.

Go Love Life went to Seattle,Washington in August to speak with a group of 300 kids at Ignite Your Torch Youth conference and share the vision of this organization. Since then two kids have started clubs at their school and are using the tools from Go Love Life. This trip was the first time we presented the vision to a larger group and it could have not gone any better. This of coarse was due to the help of the newest Go Love Life member Naomi Maciejewski our Chief Life Lover. She has such a passion for sharing the message of purpose for all humans via a message of love. 

We also had the privilege to set up a table at the For the Life of the World Conference in Kansas City where we met many pro life activists and interacted with many amazing people. The logo shirts and bracelets are being worn all over the United States and in a couple other countries. Every time I see a picture of someone wearing a shirt far far away I am so excited and inspired to keep going. The message of love truly resonates with people in unique and beautiful ways. Tambien after visiting Nicaragua and being introduced to a pregnancy resource center there, we have some great new things in the works to integrate this love for humanity to other parts of the world. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Although abortion in illegal, it is often done illegally. This clinic helps over 5,000 girls a year and teaches them life skills to help them have a better life. But more information on this topic later when the details get finalized. 

A fun highlight for our staff life lover and fantastic graphic designer, Alyx Mackler, she will be getting married in a few weeks. We are so grateful for all the love, energy, and imagination she brings to Go Love Life. Some upcoming things you will be seeing will be applying for non-profit status, working on suicide awareness literature, and vamping up for the march for life. Thank you for loving life and keep in touch for weekly blogs.