New Website Update!

Welcome to the new website everyone! We are so excited to be working with an all-new look that is more comprehensive to Go Love Life. You will notice all the new added information on suicide prevention and working against assisted suicide. Some things that happened during the creation of this website is the legalization of assisted suicide in California. As a leader in infant killing by means of minimally restricted abortion, this state now will take the lives of elderly and sick. For more information about what assisted suicide is please see the Q&A page.


It is more important than ever before to stand up for human life and share a love for human life. We see commercials and advertisements to invest money in saving the whales, dogs, and many creatures and somehow it isn’t popular to stand for human life.  How ignorant! Nothing is more important than the purpose, meaning, and value of every person. If you know me, you know I love animals! I talk to them like they understand me, and I just spent time at an elephant reserve in Thailand.  So don’t get me wrong that I believe in taking care of all God’s creatures, but how could we have come to a place where we devalue human life. Have you ever talked to a kid and realized how amazing and funny they are? Or listened to an elderly that can tell you about a time before you and tell tales that will change you?  We need to stand for life. So take a moment to think to yourself, do I value all human life? Do I stand up for the vulnerable? Do I love them?


Look forward to a great adventure here at Go Love Life where we are sharing a message of love and fighting the good fight for the vulnerable.