Walk with Purpose

We are approaching the anniversary of Roe Vs Wade where abortion became legal in this country initiating the deaths of over 55 million children in the womb of their mother. This date is not celebrated but mourned in outrage and protest of those who respect life. Hundreds of thousands of Americans stand up to the government and plead to let the constitution speak truthfully in its words:

"We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness."

Ever person born and unborn has a right to life and it is our job to be a voice for the vulnerable. Please join Go Love Life at the Walk for Life in San Francisco on January 23rd (contact us for more details or to meet up). Join with one million in Washington DC on January 22nd or find local cities near you participating. If you are unable to attend, please share articles and be a voice via social media. The largest protested court decision and largest march in this country gets ignored by the media, so be that voice. Let freedom ring. 

New Website Update!

Welcome to the new website everyone! We are so excited to be working with an all-new look that is more comprehensive to Go Love Life. You will notice all the new added information on suicide prevention and working against assisted suicide. Some things that happened during the creation of this website is the legalization of assisted suicide in California. As a leader in infant killing by means of minimally restricted abortion, this state now will take the lives of elderly and sick. For more information about what assisted suicide is please see the Q&A page.


It is more important than ever before to stand up for human life and share a love for human life. We see commercials and advertisements to invest money in saving the whales, dogs, and many creatures and somehow it isn’t popular to stand for human life.  How ignorant! Nothing is more important than the purpose, meaning, and value of every person. If you know me, you know I love animals! I talk to them like they understand me, and I just spent time at an elephant reserve in Thailand.  So don’t get me wrong that I believe in taking care of all God’s creatures, but how could we have come to a place where we devalue human life. Have you ever talked to a kid and realized how amazing and funny they are? Or listened to an elderly that can tell you about a time before you and tell tales that will change you?  We need to stand for life. So take a moment to think to yourself, do I value all human life? Do I stand up for the vulnerable? Do I love them?


Look forward to a great adventure here at Go Love Life where we are sharing a message of love and fighting the good fight for the vulnerable. 

Made Perfectly

Let’s talk about beauty.

I recently took a weeklong break from wearing makeup or nail polish and it taught me SO much about what my relationship is with perfection.

I am a lady that lovesss me some makeup. I never really wore any in high school, but since then I have been making up for lost time (any Valencia mall Sephora employee could tell you that, or the fact that I’ve perfected the use of notoriously tricky liquid eyeliners. #HumbleBrag). So why would I torture myself unnecessarily with a “makeup cleanse”? Glad you asked, fellow LifeLover…

Last week I ended up going to a class while I wasn’t wearing any nail polish, and I totally FREAKED out. It was hard for me to focus on the lecture because I was so distracted by my fingers looking like actual fingers instead of bright colored fruit candies. I didn’t feel like myself without shiny lacquer on my digits. Later that day I discouraged myself from practicing guitar because I had decided that looking at my “basic” nails on the strings would bum me out. This was clearly a super weird and inappropriate level of discomfort for something so vain and silly. So the next day I made up a cleanse for my soul: the “Beauty7: Weeklong No Makeup Challenge,” after two days I was irritably calling it my “noBeauty7″.

I learned a lot in the past week by not wearing makeup, and I would encourage all the makeup-wearers that are reading this to consider trying it sometime this year. Here are some of the thoughts I had during my grueling, unrelenting, grumpy, uneven skin-tone, no good, very bad week (ok not so bad).

  1. “I am very pale,” and my dark brown hair comparatively makes me look even more pale than I actually am. So pale that people ask if I’m sick even when I’m not.
  2. “I’ve got a big, red pimple on my forehead even though normally my skin is relatively clear.” Greatttt :/
  3. “The pimple cleared up pretty fast.” Hmmm, maybe our skin (the BIGGEST organ in our bodies!) likes to breathe instead of being suffocated by silly flesh-colored goop.
  4. “Nobody’s really noticing.” Turns out people don’t actually care about the quality of my cat-eye nearly as much as I thought they did. Luckily they would sympathize eventually if I spoke loudly and often about how tortuous is was to look and feel like a natural human woman is.
  5. “THIS IS THE WORST” I definitely hated this challenge about two days in, because a lost online order finally came in the mail that day with a spectacularly fancy/outrageously priced liquid bronzer that I had been wanting to try for months. For the people that don’t know: bronzer is a brown (usually powder) type of face makeup that makes me look less pale. Usually a little more orange, but definitely also less pale.
  6. “Guitar is much easier to play with short nails.” Weird. Maybe that’s why every guitar player I’ve ever talked to has told me that exact same thing. Typing is also much faster and I never accidentally stabbed myself in the head with the jagged edge of a nail while shampooing because shorter kept nails don’t break as easily. After a few days I got used to not having polish on, and it definitely wasn’t as big of a deal as I was making it.
  7. “I should eat healthier.” That one was unrelated to beauty products, but telling myself I was doing a cleanse while also eating Flamin Hot Cheetos in my bed felt a little convicting.
  8. “This isn’t that hard.” It really wasn’t. The main reason why it bothered me was just because it made me feel like my options were taken away. If I hadn’t told myself I was on a diet from turning my face into an art project then I probably wouldn’t have even worn makeup more than a couple days that week.

Although I couldn’t walk around this week with the confidence of having fancy pressed powders on my eyelids or extensions on my lashes I COULD walk in confidence knowing that:

  • People were looking into my eyes because they were engaged in what I had to say, not because they were dazzled and slightly confused by the swirling bright colors painted on my face. (Dazzle and confuse is a life hack I picked up from a Nature Channel documentary about peacocks.)
  • Every compliment I received was genuinely about me because I had no mask to hide behind.
  • I don’t NEED makeup. Nobody does. Ever. The whole idea that we look better by manipulating the colors and textures of our own faces is pretty wacky if you actually think about it. Do you really think that Adam ever looked at a healthy Eve and thought, “She really should go hungry to change her body.” Or ” I wish her hair had a different amount of springiness to it.” Or “She’s beautiful and everything, but she would look prettier if the end part of her nails were painted white. Because then it would look exactly like the nails she already has. Except somehow BETTER.” Seems like a funny comic strip idea, but it probably didn’t go down that way. Even if there really are certain facial features that are better than others, which there ARE NOT, but if there were then that sort of tiered physical beauty still wouldn’t even come close to the beauty of a man or woman who truly loves themselves. A beautiful heart shines through much brighter than a beautiful face.

The pursuit of beauty/perfection/control/insecurity/self-hatred can ruin somebody’s entire self worth. We’ve all seen or heard stories about people that have even lost their lives because of unhealthy choices they made to strive for their unobtainable idea of personal perfection (so encourage real beauty and stop talkin smack). So, as I close out this blog post I would like you all to remember back to the last time you looked at another person and thought something along the lines of, “I can’t believe they’re insecure about _______, they’re perfect.

Because I’m saying that about you right now. You’re my friend. I can’t believe you’re insecure about anything. You’re beautiful and special and should love life as much as I know life loves you. You’ were created PERFECT.


- Naomi


I didn’t really realize how ashamed I should be about using the word “basic” to describe attributes and features until after my Beauty7 week was over. What a horrible thing to say about myself or anybody else, nobody deserves to be word-cursed by being told that they’re not unique or special in any way. I am not basic. You are not basic. You’re perfect and you can’t tell yourself that you’ll believe it after you’ve lost weight, gotten plastic surgery, etc… Believe it now because after you’ve contoured your nose or lost that weight you’ll find something else to hate about yourself. If you love yourself today it will be much easier to love yourself tomorrow.

I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences with fasting makeup. Tag a No Makeup Selfie with #Beauty7 and your thoughts on the challenge!

i.e. The tragically recently deceased hilarious inventor of the aforementioned #HumbleBrag. Harris Wittels struggled with self hatred and fear of failure even though he was a beloved and successful comedian. He spoke about his battle with addiction and low self esteem in a podcast interview on “You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes” shortly before his death.

Our future

This letter was written by dear little friend of mine named Kristina who is 11 years old. She understands the simple truth of life. Kids have such an untainted view of life. Enjoy!

Dear Pope Francis,

Hi I am Kristina! I agree with you on all of your speeches about helping those who can’t

always help themselves, especially the unborn children. I think this is not okay because these

children in their mothers womb are alive. To stop this problem my family and I do many

things, such as: this summer we went to the For the Life of the World. Iccec international prolife

conference. We visited Planned Parenthood where they have doctors that abort babies.We

prayed outside of the of the building for all the moms, dads, and unborn babies, and for all the workers.

We prayed for God to change their hearts, and to want to keep their babies. We also go to the

walk for life every year in San Francisco. At the Walk for Life we march and say chants. My

family thinks that doing this might change Obama’s mind about the law he made. I will

countine praying for all those who need help in life.


Kristina House

Three Simple Words

One of the things that really intrigued me about this organization was the name. Just three simple words that we use quite often, but together, carry such an heir of importance.

Go. Love. Life.

It’s not just a name, or a title. It’s a command, a call to action. Go and Love are verbs.

So what are the life lovers doing? What is the GO in our love life journey? What is the LOVE in our daily walk?

Many of us call ourselves lovers of life, and of all that goes with it. But how can we start to make a daily impact? How can we set ourselves apart and create a new awareness for our brothers and sisters who don’t have that opportunity?

Generate Awareness. Get a “Go Love Life” bumper sticker. Ok, I know you either laughed or rolled your eyes… But seriously, how often do we find ourselves bragging or showing off about something we love on the back of our car? I can’t tell you how many bumper stickers I’ve seen spouting phrases like “My dog is smarter than your honor student” or “My child is an outstanding student at Pedro’s Tacos.” Shouldn’t we feel the same way about loving life? This may sound simple, and even a little silly, but perhaps that is the best part. Not only will people see that you do, in fact, love life, but it may spark conversations, deeper thinking and perhaps the occasional google search of “Go Love Life.”

Integrate Kindness. Start implementing being a life lover into your daily schedule. Pray for the unborn. Pray for expectant mothers. Pray for wisdom and a good moral sense for our doctors. Pray for the elderly. Pray for those going through depression, anxiety and situations that may be out of their control. Pray for those who need a second chance. Offer to pray for someone you meet. Be kind. Smile at children. Say Good Morning to the elderly. The options are limitless, and it can be as simple as just those words. Even the simplest action can change someone’s entire day.

Get Involved. Spend a day at the Boys and Girls Club. Donate your extra clothing items. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Visit the elderly at a nursing home. Talk to your church. Find a pro-life rally. Make a statement and stand up for what you believe in.

Give Freely. Let us know how you celebrate life on a daily basis.

One Big Mistake

Five years ago, on February 18th 2010, I was almost killed because of somebody else’s mistake.

When I was seventeen I went in for a routine gallbladder removal surgery that ended up being terribly botched. The operating doctor accidentally severed my common bile duct with the end result being:

• More than a pint of bile (digestive stomach enzyme that has a similar acidity to battery acid) leaked into my stomach cavity sending me home without realizing the mistake had been made. This was by far the most painful thing I had ever experienced. To top it off, when I got back to the hospital we soon realized that I am opiate resistant, so the morphine did nothing to ease my pain.
• An emergency open surgery was performed on me to reconnect my bile duct to the rest of my digestive system. I’ll save you the medical terminology, but this surgery essentially put a u-turn into my intestines that goes against gravity every time I eat anything. It’s very unnatural and causes constant nausea.
• I missed the last semester of my senior year of high school. I was recouping and bedridden for every senior activity that my friends got to attend. When they were all at prom I was doing a three-day stint at the hospital.

I started to feel better after months of recovery. I enrolled for my first semester of college but soon realized that my constant nausea was becoming uncontrollable and I was vomiting about ten times a day. Turns out the revision surgery that was done caused scar tissue that strangled my bile duct, meaning none was flowing through to my stomach or digesting my food. A major issue that is lethal. So one year after the first surgery I was back in and out of the hospital.

• A tube was put in between two of my ribs to connect to my bile ducts for easy access so that the interventional radiology team at UCLA could do monthly angioplasty surgery on me. It FREAKING HURTS A TON to have a hard plastic tube hanging outside of your body. Trust me on this.
• I was on oxycodone constantly for pain.
• Six months of relentless radiology severely, severely damaged my chances of ever being able to conceive a child.
• None of the painful treatments worked.

Yup. I did all of it for nothing. They couldn’t fix me the “easy way” so I went back to UCLA for another major revision surgery. A year and a half after the first botched surgery and I was back at square one. It was disheartening to say the least.

• Surgeons decided not to sew up my surgery wound because they were afraid it would cause an infection. Leaving me with a giant, gaping, open wound on my stomach that needed to be cleaned and packed with gauze every day. I have seen my liver. Not a picture of it. My actual liver once stared me straight in the face.
• My kidneys started failing because of the strong antibiotics I was on at the time.
• I spent my fourth anniversary with my then-boyfriend in my hospital bed watching movies and not knowing whether I would live or die.
• Doctors wouldn’t let me try to eat for ten days.
• Once I started trying to eat it took another two weeks before I could keep any of it down.
• The epidural that was in my back didn’t work. So I had no pain relief until they fixed the problem, after three days of excruciating stomach-open pain.
• I spent forty days in the hospital.

All of this happened because of one slip of a knife. Because of one moment. One mistake.

Things got back to normal slowly but surely after that. Throwing up often became a way of life. It took years before I could start to participate in normal activities again. There were times when I was angry, times when I wanted to give up, times when I semi-unintentionally took enough pain medicine to possibly end my life. Every February 18th for four years I got trashed on whatever my substance-of-the-moment happened to be at the time and felt bad for myself.

This year I’m going to celebrate.

Because I’m alive.
Because I’m in love with the beautiful world and people that surround me.
Because even when I’m in pain I find joy in life.
Because even when I’m near death I find joy in life.
Because we were all put here for a certain amount of time, and to not enjoy it is a waste.
Because life is a gift, not a choice.

Five years ago, on February 18th 2010, I was almost killed because of somebody else’s mistake.

Amazing and supportive people around me told me to fight. They told me that I don’t deserve to die because of the actions of another. They told me my life was precious because I was so young. They told me that I could make opportunities for myself even though the odds were against me. They told me that doctors are supposed to heal, not hurt, and that the law was on my side about that fact if I wanted to sue. They told me that I would be missed.

Five years ago, on February 18th 2010, 125,000 babies were killed because of somebody else’s mistake. That mistake could have been made by anybody. I’m certainly not trying to say that mothers are the only responsible party for abortions or unwanted pregnancies. There have absolutely been horrendously sad situations where the mother was not at fault at all.

What I am trying to say is that millions of mothers a year believe lies told to them by misled people. They’re told not to fight. They’re told that their baby deserves to die because of the sins of another. They’re told that their baby’s life will ruin their life because they’re so young. They’re told that neither the mother nor the baby could make opportunities for themselves because the odds are against them. They’re told that women like them have sued to give doctors the “right” to end their child’s life instead of save it. They’re told that their baby wouldn’t be missed.
Every single one of those children are missed.

⅓ of my generation has been killed by abortion. I miss them. I’ve wept for them. I’ll fight for them. I’ve stopped crying and whining about my own life, because the fact that I even have a life of my own to cry about is an opportunity missed out on by 40 million people worldwide yearly and over 55 million total in the US.

Being very young and very sick is an interesting experience. The worst thing that ever happened to me ended up being an unlikely miracle. It gave me a fire for life that I never understood before. It was more than I thought anybody could possibly handle, but I handled it. It made me strong and empathetic to all types of pain.

For any mothers out there: I’ve never been pregnant, so as far as that goes I can’t pretend like I know what you’re going through.

What I do know is pain, nausea, fear, missing prom, being set back in college, embarrassment, feeling trapped, being stuck at home for years, an unattractive stomach scar.
I know is that I would do it all over again.
I know is that life is precious.
I know love.
I know that Jesus HEALS

And hey, this might just be the start of your unlikely miracle



Walk For Life San Francisco

Now that I have a moment to reflect back on our adventure of taking a group up to San Francisco for the Walk for Life, I get excited thinking this generation is pro-life. We are pro-life in a way the one before us can’t understand, not really. The repercussions of a descion made before our time have such a large cultural impact that 1/3 of us are missing and it hurts.

 This year over 50,000 people showed up to walk in San Francisco. I don’t know if you know much about this city, but it is liberal to say the least. I am known to refer to it as one of the most beautiful cities in the world but with no love for Christ. But not that weekend,  that weekend thousands stood together to radiate a love for life, a life bought for by the life of Christ. It was so moving to see so many young people show up and demonstrate that this issue will not go away until abortion does.

 Backing up a day of our trip, the group saw a glance at the deep troubles and misinformation of the other side. The day prior to the walk in SF we took a group to Oakland to participate in activism at an abortion clinic and participate in Walter Hoyes walk for life in Oakland. As we said prayers for the babies being lost, the mothers bought into the lies,  the clinic workers participating in this murderous act, and everyone one involved in this industry; the clinic escorts began to get very upset. We continued with worship and displayed large boards of babies in the womb at their different gestations and all the way to the toddlers, children and a grandma at a 4,000 weeks old. Some girls in our group wrote chalk on the ground with phrases about life being precious and a God’s gift. The workers of the clinic poured water on the words God and life and said that we were threatening them by writing in front of the clinic. They said angry words and told the kids they had no idea what they were talking about because so many kids are in foster care. I asked “if that justified killing babies” and she responded “kill them all”. Whether she meant that sarcastically or not I hardly think that joking about the death of children is appropriate in any situation. They accused me of knowing nothing about the development in the womb where I went to remind her I am a registered nurse and I work to save lives and provide real healthcare. Really they have no basis for their arguments for any of the conversations we had they just changed he focus instead of breaking down the issue.  If they care so much about women they could be revolutionizing the foster system or some other way to help mothers in their community instead of working for an organization that provides a way for mothers to kill their children and suffer the consequences of abortion on their mind and soul. Although the sign says clinic, I can assure you that abortion is not healthcare.

Immediately following we went to the Oakland Walk, where we were met by about 30 pro choice activist who were very loud and angry. Kaitlyn, a girl in our group, is working on a pro-life perspectives film and went over to talk to them. When they said it was a blob of tissue or just a fetus she would respond  “I was told in anatomy that their heart beats at 22 days and they can have a different blood type,”Instead of presenting their side logically they would get upset and walk away. Once again, no basis for their argument. They went on to storm the stage of our rally and the police had to escort them off. It is hard to imagine being so bought into the mindset of abortion.  I am not sure if many of them were involved in an abortion and this is their way of dealing with it or justifying it, but storming the stage and providing no argument for your cause are not helping your case. In our society parents, doctors, teachers often pressure and arrange these abortions. We know this and we are not here to show judgement but to show life and promote life.  We want to change this system so that everyone one promotes and celebrates everyones beautiful life, even yours stage stormer.

All I know from the 5 years I have been involved in this movement,  it grows every year and a love for life is stronger than the convent lie that killing your child will give you a better life. The nation is waking up and seeing the reality of abortion and that is encouraging. Now I am going to post some quotes from some of the amazing people in our group who went on this trip with us.

Kaitlyn “The walk for life was such a great experience. Having so many people all there for the unborn babies really gave me hope that we can save the lives of innocent children!” Also “Writing in chalk on the sidewalk in front of the clinic and saying how much God loves us and so many encouraging and loving words was fun.  It was sad to see the clinic workers so hurt and offended by the words they read that they felt the need to wash them away”

Ron “With all the tension at the Oakland Rally with the Pro Choice protesters, and all the energy of thousands of people at the San Francisco Rally.  Still the most significant and emotional part of our trip was standing in front of the abortion clinic in Oakland. It wasn’t the hatred that people had towards us. It was the lost people who had been lied to, who had been sold a bill of goods based on ignorance and lies. I wish I could have sat them down and told them about the guilt and regret they would feel and the sadness and shame that would haunt them the rest of their life’s.  Someday God will give me that opportunity but for now I pray!!”

Holiday Happiness

The holiday season is an incredible time to count your blessings and appreciate all of the wonderful people in your life. At GOLOVELife we want to spread joy and support the people around us, so they all know how special and significant they are. We’ve been talking about suicide awareness lately, which is a very important and heavy subject that can make us feel discouraged, but what we can do is love each other. So here are 9 ways that all of us can spread some love :]

  1. Smile! This one is so simple, but so often overlooked. We don’t need to stare at our phones and avoid eye contact in every social situation, try smiling at your cashier at the grocery store or anyone who looks like they’re having a bad day. It makes a much bigger difference than you would think.
  2. Text or Call someone that you’re thinking about. There have been countless times when I’ve gotten a random text from an old friend right when I needed it. If someone is on your mind, just tell them that you’re thinking of them and hope they’re doing well. Texting is super easy and quick, and you just might make somebody’s day.
  3. Compliment the people around you. Tell friends/family/strangers/neighbors/acquaintances when they look nice or did something well. Humans crave affirmation, and compliments help build confidence. Start by trying to compliment others at least eight times and it’ll help to make this habit ingrained into your daily life.
  4. Buy small gifts. I love this one because I’m personally a gift giver. Gifting is one of the “Five Love Languages” mentioned in the book by Gary Chapman (I honestly haven’t read this book myself, but I’ve heard it’s great.) Gifts don’t need to be extravagant or expensive to have a big impact on somebody’s life

For example: my extended family members will search for my favorite limited edition cranberry soda during the holiday season and stock up on it because my grocery store rarely carries it. Presents like this are especially great because they’re so thoughtful and make the receiver of the gift feel appreciated and listened to.


  1. Be a hugger. Hug your friends! Human touch makes a person feel more connected to others and less alone. Hugging more is linked to lower blood pressure and is a natural way to relieve stress.
  2. Spend time with someone. Put in the time! Go to lunch with a friend or have a board game night or go for late night happy hour somewhere. Hanging out is fun and we all know you probably aren’t as busy as you pretend to be :]. Don’t just talk about it, find an hour in your schedule and make it happen.
  3. Listen. Really listen to somebody. Don’t just wait for your turn to talk. Deeply listen and empathize to what’s going on in their life. You might not even need to do more than that at all. Sometimes people just need to vent and know there’s someone out there that cares.
  4. Do something inconvenient for someone. When is a good time to drive someone to the airport? Absolutely never! It’s not fun, there’s traffic, shuttle buses are always out to murder civilian cars, you normally have to wake up at the crack of dawn, and for half of the drive you’ll be alone. It sucks. It’s the absolute worst. So is helping someone move, editing a paper, doing the dishes, going to a dr appointment with a nervous friend, or watching ANOTHER episode of a tv show that you don’t enjoy. Do it anyway. Do it without expecting them to reciprocate the inconvenience. Be unselfish and sacrifice and compromise to show your love.
  5. Pick up a hobby that they like. Care about what they care about or at least try to. You might end up really enjoying something that you never would have tried on your own. Have an open mind, and even if you end up hating it then it’ll probably make a funny story.

These are a few ways to make people feel loved, but definitely don’t limit yourself to just this list. Everybody has their own love language and their own way to make others feel special and wanted. Make a difference this season, Life Lovers! Always remember that life is a gift :]

Thankful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone and December is here. I am one of those weird people who credits Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday. I love the food, family time, and idea of thankfulness. I have so much to be thankful for this year. God has brought the most amazing people into Go Love Life such as Naomi our chief life lover and Tyler our lawyer. I am so thankful to everyone who helps and supports us as well as the massive army of other pro lifers doing their work out there.

I am most thankful for the gift of life. I know God has created and purposed me as he has for every single individual. It is so amazing to live everyday and experience new things. I really just want to encourage everyone to love life and be thankful for life this season. Millions have their lives taken before birth, millions take their own lives, and millions lose their lives. There is no greater gift than life. I am so blessed to work in this movement to help inspire life back into this culture and encourage people to know they were created on purpose. Happy belated Thanksgiving and stay tuned for Naomi’s awesome article later this week on showing love to others. Now GO LOVE LIFE.

Why it took 6 months to write about suicide

 Let me start by saying that GOLOVELife is a movement that I am intensely passionate about. Love instead of hate. Love that inspires. Love that transcends the murky and scary gray areas of society. I truly think it’s an untapped representation of the joy of life that can change the entire world. I fell so deeply in love with this idea that I pestered and basically stalked its founder, Jessica Kessler, to let me help out and become a part of it (I wish I wasn’t so proud of this, but it’s kind of a badass way to get a job). GOLOVELife – The concept is so beautiful, and so easily forgotten nowadays.


I eventually got tasked with writing the literature for the suicide prevention branch of GOLOVELife. I was initially thrilled with the thought; there was finally something that I could actually help out with, something that I had experience with, something that I would be great at. The very next day I sat down at my computer to write…. Nothing came of it. The day after that, I figured I would do some brainstorming and research for inspiration, easy peasy. Gathering data was simple and made me feel productive, but I somehow never managed to write anything useful or compelling. For MONTHS. Months I pretended to work on this project, while really just rereading the same depressing statistics and then distracting myself with something else when I started to get too emotional.

This week Jessica wrote a short article for GOLOVELife about suicide awareness, it was beautifully written and it made me realize how much power our words can have in people’s lives. I went into a tailspin of realization about why it was so hard for me to write. Why can’t I write about suicide? Because writing about suicide makes me remember that my Uncle Steve died last year from it and I don’t think I’ll ever fully recover from that tremendous and avoidable loss. Writing about suicide makes me feel hypocritical. There have been times in my life when I didn’t care about whether I lived or died, so telling somebody else that they shouldn’t feel that way makes me feel guilty. Writing about suicide makes me uncomfortable. More than anything, writing about suicide makes me sad.


I thought about that. My avoidance of doing something important because I didn’t want to feel. I didn’t want to be vulnerable, and I like to make myself numb to bad emotions. I regularly talk to people about their problems and counsel them as best as I can, but I rarely open up about my own deeper issues. As I thought more about it I realized that I am the problem. Apathy is poisonous to a society as fragile as ours.

  • We need to talk.
  • We need to let people know that we care about them.
  • We need to love.
  • We need to feel our pain to be able to work through our pain.
  • We need to be honest.
  • We need to care about others.
  • We need to care about ourselves.

I was once in unimaginable physical and emotional pain, it led to anxiety and addiction and depression. When I was in that hole I was sure that things would never get better. I was wrong. Doctors were wrong about the quality of life I was going to have. My life is spectacular and incredible and I’ve never been more full of joy. I understand that things can be miserable, that mental illness isn’t easily remedied, and that depression is not a choice. I also know that there’s a good chance that nothing I write will ever change anybody’s heart, but neither will binge-watching 30 Rock on Netflix or doodling in my notebook. If there is a one in a million chance that you or I could help somebody then that is immensely important. You are my priority. You are OUR priority. You are loved. You are special. You are wanted. You are unique and amazing.

Let’s be a generation that cares enough to lift each other up, instead of put them down. Let’s be kind and emotionally supportive, instead of surface-level. Let’s stop pretending to be too busy to do something important. Let’s be genuine. Let’s share our lives. Let’s stop being too cool to feel.

Nobody wants to end their story during the worst chapter. Redemption comes from turning the page and writing on.

Be life, enjoy life, live life, play in life, speak life into others, and especially GOLOVELife :]

– Naomi